My Wonderful Wife

Have you heard about her? She is wonderful and she never ever gets mad at me. Oh wait, she's mad because I didn't write enough about her. Crap!

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I Might Be Wrong

This past week in Relevant magazine, one of my favorites, I read a very clever editorial. The point that the guy was trying to make was basically that maybe, just maybe, my generation has a problem with thinking we're always right. No way I thought, I don't think I'm always right, this guys an idiot. But then I thought about it for a while. Could it be? Do I constantly look at what other people are doing and judge them, those poor saps. If only they new how I did it, how I lived, my viewpoints, and my opinions. Surely they would realize the errors of their way.

Honestly, I spend a lot of time criticizing, being cynical, and judging people according to how I think things should be. It can be a little bit tiring always knowing what's best and wondering why everyone else doesn't.

Why is it that we think that our way, our lifestyle, and our opinions are always right? Its because we don't want to admit that maybe...just maybe we're wrong. Maybe the way we live, the way we do things, or our opinions are not absolute truth. There are many ways to do things, ways to live, and ideas to believe in. Although I know that God's word is absolute, I also know that man tends to twist the truth to fit their viewpoint. So next time you decide to drink that hater-ade (that's a word from high school) stop and take the time to consider the merits, maybe what works for you doesn't work for someone else. Maybe what works in your community, doesn't work in another community. Maybe you're wrong.

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