What I Read While I Gave Up Blogging For Lent

Here are some of the books I read whilst I was gone...

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Because My Opinion Matters...

I thought this little Widget was pretty cool so I put it on my blog. Its pretty much the only thing I've put on my blog in a while but you know what...BACK OFF! Anyway, you can check out what I have bought most recently on iTunes. Keep in mind that I occassionally buy for a video or a special music we do in church so if its not cool, Dave (our pastor) made me do it. Anyway, like I say everytime I put up a new post, I'll try to get better about putting stuff up.

By the way, there are two cd's everyone should buy: TJ Goff and Prabir and the Substitutes. Both are totally awesome! Seriously though if you haven't heard Prabir and the Substitutes, check it out.


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