Easter Is Going to Be Crazy Good

Well I've spent the last few weeks trying to pull together some great musicians for our first sneak preview services at Wellspring this Easter. I'm really excited about it. We will be having church outside under a tent. We will also have a full band of super-talented musicians. I also spent some time putting together our Easter iMix on iTunes so that our launch team can download the songs we'll be singing on Easter, listen to them, and then sing their hearts out on Easter. Click Here to download the Experience Easter iMix on iTunes. Even if you aren't here in Myrtle Beach, you can play the first three songs, then listen to the podcast, and then play the last two songs. It will be just like you were at our Easter Gathering. We're also going to do a really cool special but I kinda want to keep that to myself for now.

All of this Got me thinking, what is the best thing you ever did or saw done in an Easter Service? What made it great? Let's have a little discussion here.