A Post that Everyone Should Read

Well, I'm back. If you must know I've pretty much been cutting grass for the last month or so and because of the ridiculous hours I was working (at Myrtle Beach National Golf Club) I just haven't had the "want to" to blog. But thank Jesus that short season is over. After figuring out that I wasn't able to do what I came to Myrtle Beach to do and really was only being compensated in free golf and a nominal paycheck, Beth and I (along with her mom who basically became a full-time babysitter) decided to re-prioritize. So, no more cutting grass for now.

Anyway, on to the reason I am posting today. Leadership has pretty much been on my mind for all of 2009. Not sure why but it has. This morning I read a really insightful post on Big Is The New Small Blog. Its entitled Why leaders Fail. Check it out, this is for everyone, not just churchies.

4 Reasons Leaders FAIL
Posted by Scott Williams on June 8th 2009

There are many reasons that leaders fail; however I thought I would condense the list to 4 memorable reasons in the acronym FAIL. Here are the 4 Reasons Leaders FAIL:

1. Fake- A leader who try’s to be someone they are not instead of simply being themselves has a difficult time succeeding, at some point it just catches up to them. This also applies to the leader that has a different face, different persona, different tone, different everything… when certain people are around. In other-words when the big boss comes around they put their fake-face on. Not to say a leader might not make some adjustments when company comes around; however the super-fake-face comes from insecurity of how they act normally. Remember: Don’t be fake, be yourself… “Do You! It’s A Statement… Not A Question!” Fake Leaders Fail!

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