Walking A Little Taller

Believe it or not, a couple at my church asked me when I was going to write a blog about having a new daughter. I didn't really think that anyone outside of my immediate family read this silly little thing. Anyway...its long overdue. I have been a father now for a little over two weeks and its probably been the best two weeks of my life. Beth and I have a healthy and adorable little girl named Karoline Belle and we could not be happier.

The only problem is that people keep coming up to me saying, "wow, you look tired." Don't say that to anyone! No matter how tired they look. The words "you look" should be followed only by the words "nice, buff, handsome, hot, and hungry." Never by a negative adverb. Someone told me I looked tired the other day and I had had 10 hours of semi-uninterrupted sleep the night before. What do you want from me?

Look, here's the deal. I haven't brushed my hair in about eight years and I haven't been out in the sun for about three years. I probably always look tired. I'm sorry that I offended you.

No matter what the haters say, I don't care. If I look tired then that's my new look. I probably also look a little bit taller as well, and that's because I am a proud new father.