What I'm Reading

I didn't actually stop reading but I forgot to let you guys know. My parents got on to me about it so here it is. I'm currently reading two books. The first is called "God's Blog" by Lanny Donvan. This is a look into what God might right if he had is own blog. He probably wouldn't get all busy and forget about posting stuff like I do. The other book is called "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. He sounds British but is probably from Des Moines or something. This book basically outlines the idea that every big fad, disease, and trend are started at one critical time by a small group of people. This is the tipping point. I thought it really would apply to how we can reach people with the message of Christ and I am learning some really cool stuff. For example, me blogging about "The Tipping Point" will not be "The Tipping Point's" tipping point. Got it? Good.