What's Going On

Well its been a while since my last post. Its been a crazy few weeks with packing driving across the country and moving into our new house in Myrtle Beach. Things are finally starting to settle down a bit so I thought I'd take a little time to blog.

What has been amazing is seeing God already begin to work and provide for Beth and I as we have been here. Continue to pray for that because we will need it. I am very excited about what God is doing at Wellspring as well. I really feel like God is going to bless everything we do if we continue to follow his call. Its gonna be unbelievable.

Hopefully next week I can post something smart and thought provoking but recently all of the paint fumes have made me stupid.

I do have a question that I would love for you guys to answer. Yesterday at the DMV the lady taking pictures thought Beth looked like Mariah Carey. She did, however guess that Beth used to teach. I asked her what I looked like and she said "I see a lab coat...a pharmacist." I'm not sure how to take this but I'm wondering what you think. Looking at me, what do you think my job is?

I'm looking forward to your answers.



Eric and April Colquett said...

I would say a worship leader in waiting that used to change tires for a living!

K.C. said...

I would guess a stand up commedian or maybe an LA hair-stylist. It is a complete toss up for me. Pharmacist could work too though. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. LOL

GiGi said...

You could always fall back on the old JFK, JR., or is it uncool to be identified with the no longer living?

Big Happy said...

i say hair stylist or archiologist