Who I'm Voting For

I guess everyone is writing about this so I will too. I hope I get to vote. I'm not sure I will because we are leaving very early on Tuesday and if the polling places aren't open, I won't be able to vote. That stinks because I'm into politics but I only have myself to blame for not doing absentee and the state of California for not having early voting. Maybe we'll still be able to vote.

However, I will explain to you who I am voting for. I am not a one issue voter. If you are, that's fine because you're you not me (but if you were me then I'd be you and I'd use your body to not be a one issue voter). Sorry about that. I have always believed in looking at all of the issue and then going with the candidate who is most aligned with my views. This has taken me to both sides of the aisle in past elections and I think that is healthy. I am not willing to pledge my support to any one party because I do not always believe what they believe and it strikes me as a bit anti-democracy. It actually reminds me of West Side Story...without all of the silly dancing.

Because of my belief in voting for the best candidate FOR PRESIDENT (notice I didn't say spriritual leader, father figure, law maker, or most popular), I will always vote for the best candidate. So that's who I'm voting for...the person I believe to be the best candidate and you should too. I always go back to a quote I heard on Jason Boyett's blog, "If I had a family member in need of life-saving surgery, I wouldn't choose my doctor based on whether he was Pro-life or Pro-Choice (pro-welfare or anti-welfare, pro-gay marriage or anti-gay marriage), I would chose the best surgeon." That's how I will (or won't) vote this year.