Letter To Bay Hills

Below is the letter that I sent out to all who attend Bay Hills.

Dear Church Family and Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing that Beth, the kids and I will be leaving Bay Hills Community Church. Quite honestly this is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. Nothing in this world could ever drag us away from Bay Hills but God saw fit to call us to start a brand new church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Both Beth and I have sensed the unmistakable call of God in our lives to go join our close friend from Seminary, Pastor Trey Kelly and his family in planting Wellspring Church.
We will be leaving for this new adventure on November 2nd and covet your prayers as we are leaving everything here to start completely over. I assure you that there is nothing about the staff, people, or any other aspect of Bay Hills that has pushed us into this decision. If we had our selfish way, we would stay at Bay Hills. However, when Beth and I decided to give our lives to Jesus Christ and serve in full time ministry, we gave up our right to determine where we would be. We will be moving to a state in which neither Beth or I ever imagined living and for the first year will likely be living off of the support of our friends and family. We will be developing a team in Myrtle Beach with which to launch the church. We will likely begin meeting in houses and then hopefully be able to move into a temporary facility.
I have truly treasured the three plus years I have been able to spend getting to know many of you, developing friendships, watching people grow both physically and spiritually, and watch Bay Hills grow into one of the most influential and effective ministries in the Bay Area. I will always look back fondly on my experience and can easily point to the growth that I have experienced while being a part of Bay Hills. This will not be an easy thing for our family or Bay Hills on any level so I ask that you be in prayer for our family as well as for those who will be going through the process of finding a new Worship Pastor.
Dave, the elders, staff, and I have been in close contact over the past few weeks shoring up all of the areas that I am coordinating and have developed a plan that Dave will share with you. One thing is certain, God’s hand is on Dave, the staff, elders, and congregation of Bay Hills and He has great things in store for the Bay Area as this church continues its mission of “Radically Reaching the Unchurched in the Bay Area for Christ…”

TJ Goff