Its Really Happening

As I look around my house at the bare, patched walls and the boxes in every room its really starting to hit me that this is my last week at Bay Hills, and possibly in Norther California. Sure, we'll come back to visit but they always see, "if you leave California, you can never afford to come back." I'm not sure if this is true because we never really could afford to live here in the first place but I get what they mean. We are packing up and hitting the road a week from today to head to Myrtle Beach by way of Vegas, the Grand Canyon, probably somewhere in New Mexico, Fort Worth, Rayville, LA, Montgomery, AL, and Atlanta. How's that for a road trip. The total mileage will be somewhere in the 3,000 range so we'll get oil changes for both cars before we leave and then as soon as we get there. Its going to be sad to leave all of our friends here at Bay Hills. We've grown up so much and I've really learned a lot about how to do ministry here. I've had a great team of volunteers for setup, sound, media, lighting, and our worship team. Bay Hills has truly been blessed with a lot of talent. Most of all we will miss the friendships. Those who have come alongside us to make the fact that we're 2000 miles away from any family much easier to bear.

We are also very excited about what God is going to do in and through us in Myrtle Beach. I know that God has huge plans for Wellspring Church and that things are ready to take off. I'm excited about the new friends we'll make and the new experiences we will have. I'm excited to build a church around the awesome vision that God has given Pastor Trey and that I have wholeheartedly bought into. There is no doubt in my mind that as long as we are faithful to our calling, God will be faithful to his promise.

So be in prayer for us this week as the stress of packing up our lives and moving them across the country will be great. As my parents fly in to "roadtrip-it" with us and as Beth's my flies back to Fort Worth with our two crazy kids. Pray that as we drive across this beautiful country we will enjoy God's creation each others' company. Most of all, pray that our hearts will be prepared and expectant for the great things God WILL do at Wellspring and in Myrtle Beach. Now, its coffee time.