Hey Joe the Plumber, Can I Borrow Some Money?

So I'm reading and hearing all about old "Joe the Plumber," oddly enough his real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher (Joe is his middle name), and I'm wondering if this is the final confirmation we need to show us that politicians are completely out of touch with reality. "Joe" was the entire focus of the debate on Wednesday night. John McCain was obviously concerned about his financial well being and Barack Obama actually addressed him directly.

Here's the problem I have with this. McCain is right, Joe will have his taxes raised if he buys his plumbing company...if his personal income exceeds 200,000 dollars. Hello, did you read that? 200 large! Not only is it ridiculous that we're worrying about a guy with a 200K income but he lives in Ohio, one of the most affordable states in the country. These politicians have lost touch with the "average Joe." Maybe we should shift our focus to normal people who can't even think about buying their business because they have to pay their power bill.

I may not say this ever again but I'm with Sarah Palin on this one when she said "Don't make me say Joe the Plumber, please, in any speeches." I don't want to hear about the problems of a guy who's income is $160,000 higher than the average American (that figure is for people who are 64 years old, 25 year olds only make $28K).

So to you guys in Virginia with your plungers and "I Am Joe the Plumber" shirts I say, YOU WISH!



Lee said...

Actually McCain is dead wrong.

Joe himself has admitted that he would in fact pay LESS tax under Obama. Never mind the fact that the guy is not even a licensed plumber, and last year earned only $40k, and the fact that the business that he works for only makes $100k per year. He also OWES the IRS back taxes.

The guy claimed to be an undecided voter, but is a registered republican.

And the guy has already done more interviews than Sarah Palin!