Amazon mp3 Store

Well its been such a busy week and I haven't been able to blog much but I definitely wanted to blog today about something I have recently discovered. I might be the last one to figure this out but if you are not using the Amazon mp3 store to buy your digital music you are throwing your money away. Generally I go with Apple on anything they put out but in this instance, the iTunes store is ripping you off. Amazon has most of its albums for $8.99 or less and always has great deals. Example, the day I discovered that Amazon was far superior was when I downloaded the new Keane album for $1.99. That's right 2 bucks. It was a "deal of the day" thing but they have great albums for low, low prices everyday. So, stop using the iTunes store. If you have iTunes, Amazon's download program (you will have to install this, takes about 30 seconds) will automatically add all of your Amazon downloads to iTunes. You have nothing to lose.

I'll take my check now Amazon.

Have a great weekend.



TJ said...

Sorry Beatles fans, those greedy Brits haven't allowed their music to be available on Amazon yet. They sound better on vinyl anyway.

spike said...

Plus you don't get shafted by lousy mp4 files- you can actually use these mp3s on players other than ipods, revolutionary, incredible, and just plain sensible. Plus the quality is better. On my system anyways... maybe not on an ipod earbud..