Your Twitter Influence

So after being on Twitter for a couple of months I have come to a very profound realization. You can measure how influential you are by your ratio of followers to those you are following. If you are like me you are following more people than follow you. That means you are able to see "what they are doing" but they don't necessarily care to see what you are doing. There are people who have ridiculous follower to following ratios. Generally these people are some sort of celebrity type in their field. There are also people who have a very low ratio. You will see this a lot with what basically amounts to a spammer.

I have become fairly conscious of of this as some people (who I am friends with) still do not follow me even after I have begun to follow them. This can be disappointing but I generally try to check out their number of updates and then make a judgment. If someone doesn't update very often or only when their blog updates, you can assume they have automatically set that up and don't actually check Twitter very often. I call these people Quasi-Tweets (in a Minnesota accent, in honor of Sarah Palin).

My ratio currently is about 2 to 3, meaning for every 3 people I follow, two follow me. That's okay but my much more popular and cool friend Bill Jones has a little better than a 1 to 1 ratio so I need to work on it.

Finally, I have figured out that sometimes people follow you based on who else follows you. There are some "Christian Semi-Celebrities" who follow me just because they are cool guys and follow us regular folk. I believe it is because of this that I have people I have never met or even spoken to following me. There is no way they follow me for any other reason than they saw a few people they look up to were following me. I've done the same thing.

So, that's your lesson on the politics of Twitter. Now go out there and Tweet away...and follow me while your at it. I need to get that ratio up.



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