God Always Provides

So, as some of you have seen in the past couple of days I am in major need of a new desk. Currently I am working in the guest room on an old sewing machine table that is meant to be a side table. I am sitting in a red and white toille chair that Beth's mom picked up off of the side of the road and Beth recovered (which is a huge improvement from the step stool I was sitting on yesterday). Anyway, Beth and I were talking and she really wanted to buy me a desk but money's a bit tight so I was willing to make do. Well this afternoon we received a card from a family at our former church Bayhills and what was in it but a little bit of cash. Enough to really help out with buying a small desk. It never ceases to amaze me how God provides right when you need it. All glory and honor to Him!



Heather said...

That's great! Praise God!! That sewing machine table looks pretty cramped for working... did you pick up sewing?