Get Ready Myrtle Beach

I am really excited about this weekend. It is going to be one to remember for sure. Two weeks ago Pastor Trey challenged everyone at Wellspring to invite at least one friend for this week's launch team gathering. From what we have heard, I hope they bring chairs with them because we will not be able to fit them all. We have been praying and believing like mad that God is going to change lives this weekend. After seeing 100 people make decisions on the last night of the C3 Conference, I am ready to see a movement like that again and soon. We are believing that God will do exactly that here. So, Get ready Myrtle Beach because God is moving in the hearts of His people and its going to spill out into the streets.

So if you are in the area this weekend, you should definitely stop by. If you are already a Wellspringer, don't forget to bring a friend. If not, bring a friend anyway and join in on what God is doing here in Myrtle Beach. I will see you there, I'm the one with the guitar.

For location and directions CLICK HERE.