Fun Size...Really?

Just ate a fun size Snickers. Who was the meat-head who came up with the idea of naming the smallest size of candy bar the fun size. This is stupid. The most fun is to be had by eating the King Size. This reminds me of people who say "I liked our church better when it was smaller." What? You like it better when we weren't reaching as many people for Christ...when our church was less effective...when people in our area were walking around with no idea that they were lost? Yeah, I can see that.

Fun size is the size that you can eat, put away and eat later if you want not the size that just makes you want another seven. The fun size church is the one that is thriving, reaching the community, and helping to create fully devoted followers of Christ.

So, get rid of the "Fun Size" moniker on the candy bar and as I heard Perry Noble say in a sermon a couple of weeks ago "Satan wants churches to stay small, not Jesus."