New Life Worship Counting on God

Just got a new CD that I am really excited about. Its from New Life Worship. Counting on God is another live CD from this great church. You may remember hearing about New Life Church in the news over the past few years. New Life is the former church of Ted Haggard and also the site of last years church shootings.

What really amazes me is that after all of that, New Life Church is still thriving. I really admire their worship pastor Ross Parsley who oddly enough shared the billing in an article featuring me a few years back. What amazing leadership it must take for him to keep the momentum at New Life Church going. Inside the CD Jacket there is a great message from Ross about the past few years and how the church has persevered.

If you like great music, you will love New Life Worship but this CD is also a testimony to the fact that God will work with us or in spite of us but either way He is going to get His Will done. That's what he's doing in Colorado Springs at New Life Church.