Great Weekend at TMS and then @ Bay Hills

Wow, went a whole week without posting. I had a very busy week and then it was off to the Thriving Musician Summit. We had a really great weekend (with the exception of the Auburn v. LSU game on Saturday night). I got to take 4 good friends out to Bayside Church in Roseville, CA (aka the Northern California Bible Belt) and hang out with some great musicians etc., and learn as much as we could. We all came back excited about what we had learned in regards to working together as a band, engaging the audience, Mic technique etc.

More than that though, these trips are always really nice to grow closer together as a group and talk about what God is doing in our lives and in our church. God has big plans for Bay Hills and it will be great to see them unfold. However, if you think our worship rocks now, just wait a few weeks.