A Note To All Conferences

Go To Unleash and Take Notes.

This week Trey and I headed over to Anderson (where?), South Carolina and attended the Unleash Conference. I gotta say of the conferences I've been to that are put on by churches, this was probably the best. I'm pretty sure that Catalyst is the best conference I've ever been to but Catalyst is its own entity with its own staff and offices so they better be good.

Unleash is put on by Newspring Church. Many times conferences put on by churches aren't done as well because they are also running a church at the same time. Unleash didn't seem that way at all. I hope church doesn't stink at Newspring this week...I'm sure it won't. The conference was only one day but recharged me like a 3 day conference should.

The best part of Unleash was the large group meetings. Perry Noble did a great job and really challenged us to do what God has put us in Myrtle Beach to do and not play games. The music was also incredible. They did a great job of leading us into the presence of God and not killing the moment with announcements, promotions, or other fluff that generally throw a wet cloth on the whole thing.

For pastors, in my opinion, the most important thing a conference can do is allow them to reconnect with God by being able to engage in worship. We don't get the full effect of our own gatherings very often because of the burden of providing a great "God Experience" for others. We need a conference to allow us to experience Him like our congregations do every week.

So, thanks to the guys and girls at Newspring for providing a great experience for all of the attendees at Unleash. I will be back again next year.