I am excited to announce that today Wellspring Church officially has a website. You can check it out here at wellspringchurch.tv. It has been a while coming but I think you will be pleased with the cool stuff you find there. One of my favorite things on our site is the Media page. If you click on the sermon it will load in one of the coolest players you have ever seen. While you listen to the message, you can take notes right there in the player and then print them or even email them to yourself. I think that will be a great tool for those of you who are supporters and out of towners who want to know what's going on at each of our Launch Team meetings. We also have a place for those who want to join what we're doing to get involved, for those who want to help support Wellspring to sign up for Online Giving, and for you to send out Evites to your friends to invite them to join us at Wellspring Church. So, check it out and let us know what you think. Enjoy.