Heart For Worship

Over the past few weeks I have really been thinking about my approach to worship. I've actually been working to decrease my role on Sunday mornings. The temptation for any worship pastor is to make it about themselves. This is generally done subconsciously...If not said worship pastor should probably find a new job...but its easy to fall into this trap. I too was beginning to fall into the trap of making it the TJ show. So I am now making a concerted effort to make it about God and to deflect some of the attention away from myself.
While considering ways to do this I came across a concept that, while it may not be new to you, its new to me. There is a difference between having a heart to worship and a heart for worship. A heart to worship, in my opinion, is the category into which most people fall. If you enjoy singing, listening to worship music, spending intimate time with Christ, and giving Him the glory (all good things and things we should do), you have a heart to worship. I fall into this category and hopefully most Christ followers do as well. However, in order to lead people in worship, whether as a pastor, worship leader, or any other position, one must have a heart for worship.
In my opinion, having a heart for worship means that you have a passion to see God's people worship Him. A heart for worship is a rare thing but I believe it is something we have to strive for. It is wanting other people to have that personal, intimate experience with Christ that you have. I believe this is what God wants for us...to know Christ in such a way that we cannot stand for others not to know Him as well. I love God and I love to worship Him. Now it is my hearts desire to see those around me love God and love to worship Him.