New Book

Okay, so I forgot to tell you but the books I read last month were "The Long Walk" by Slavomir Rawicz and "I Am Not But I Know I Am" by Louie Giglio. "The Long Walk" was a random pick. I literally went through Barnes and Noble and picked a random book. It, however, turned out to be really cool. Its about a Polish man who escapes from a Soviet prison in northeastern Siberia with a few other inmates and walks to freedom in India...that's right India. It is a true story. Check it out.

"I Am Not but I Know I Am" is by one of my favorite author/speaker/Auburn fans, Louie Giglio. You might recognize some of his work like the song and book "The Air I Breathe." not to mention the song "We Fall Down" and the college movement "Passion" that produced such personalities as Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and Matt Redman to name a few. Anyway, this book is about how insignificant we are and how great God is...sounds depressing, but the cool part is that God still takes time out to love us and to know us. This book is about understanding that this life is not about you, its about God and what He can do through you. Happy reading.