is up! The moment all four of you have been waiting for. Check it out even if you don't live in the Bay Area which by the way won't back down. Its pretty cool.
Haven't you been waiting for a place to hear David Fasold streaming every week, not to mention my CD that you still haven't told your friends and family about. But really it is cool. Also, you can subscribe to the E-Newsletter. Anyway, I'm excited about it because I've been working on it for months. But I can't take credit it was all about Bill Jones at UDFD Design. He's really good. You should all hire him.



Sarah McCrory said...

I did tell all of my friends (and family) about your cd. I even sent one of those obnoxious mass emails to a bunch of people that don't know you. That is what a sister does for her little brother.

TJ said...

They're not very good friends then because no one bought any.

Jamie said...

I'll buy one. How much you want fer it?