What a Weekend

Its been a while since the last post but with Bay Hills moving to a new facility I've hardly had time to eat or sleep, much less write witty, inspiring posts on my blog...At least that's how I like to think things work.

This weekend was crazy. It started off really well. Because the school we meet in decided to wax the floors on Friday, we were not able to get in to do any work. So instead of what has become my customary "Friday night till eleven work day," Beth, Karoline and I were able to spend some quality time together at one of our favorite places. That was great because they had been out of town for nearly three weeks and had just got in that morning.

So Saturday morning came early and I got to the school at about seven after making a Starbucks run only to find that the container in which we were storing everything had been broken into. They took our projectors, sound board, sub-woofers, lightboard, and our velour drapes (I assume to cover up their loot). This really kind of threw a kink in things. After a lot of phone calls and some really good people helping out we were able to get the stuff we needed to do church the way we had planned.

Sunday was another early day. I arrived at the church at seven to put in the finishing touches and prepare for the morning. You wouldn't believe it. We had parking issues in our new facility that should have been able to hold the cars of our congregation. We were adding more chairs in both services and are now having to think about buying more. The band sounded better than ever before. The singers were great. The energy in the congregation was great. It was probably the best worship service I have ever been involved in.

God was there and we all knew it.

It was great seeing how God works, in spite of the circumstances, through his people. We could have easily said "let's just go down the street to the old building and wait until we can replace our equipment," but we know that Satan would be patting himself on the back if we did that. We are beginning to reach our community in new ways and at a much faster rate. We realize that we have invited him to oppose us in new ways now but we know that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world!

Keep praying for Bay Hills! This is not a God friendly area and its not an easy place to take a stand for Christ, but He is our strength and His purposes will be accomplished.



barnag said...

Yea! Chalk one up for our side!