Going or Being?

As I've just been thinking about things this week, different challenges that must be met by the end of the summer such as how we are going to change to 3 services seamlessly etc., I had a bit of an realization or clarification of a previous realization. People who go to church and "the Church" are two totally different things and it is my job as a "pastor" to move people from going to church to being "the Church."

We were meeting with our staff and elders this week and a lot of what we talked about was how to get people who are standing on the sidelines to get involved and help with all of the stuff that has to get done. We talked about calling, asking, making announcements, and even threatening (I think the person who brought that up was joking...I think). But as a think about it more, its not about getting people to serve, its about getting people to become "the Church."

When I go to a restaurant I don't get up and wipe tables when I'm finished or take out the trash and I sure don't go out on the streets and recruit new patrons for them. Why should I, I'm there to receive their service not to give mine. This is the same mentality many have when they come into our churches. They are there to receive a service and when its over they leave. The key is to engage them and bring them into the community, the family that is the Church so that they will be compelled to pitch in, to help out, to make it easier for more people who are not part of the Church to become a part.

So, I'm soliciting feedback here. What are some ways that I as a "pastor" can move people from going to church to being the Church? Have you experienced anything before that really helped you to take ownership of what was going on at your church? I'm looking forward to the comments.

Also, take a deep look at your own situation, even if you are serving are going or being?



Sarah McCrory said...

He Teej! I know that I'm not a part of your church, but it has always been my experience that a lot of times people are waiting to be asked. It's probably not right, but sometimes that's the way it is. Maybe not singling out individuals but just maybe listing specific jobs that you need to be done in a publication or announcing it in church. I think people know where they are gifted and they are just waiting for something to come up that fits their particular gift. Love you!

TJ said...

I think that is true but I think it still works only for those who would already be classified as "being the Church." We have done a lot lists and announcements, even an entire sermon series with a "ministry fair" type deal around here and we made inroads but I think we go the Being crowd still, not the going. So how do we get the goings to be beings?

Cheryl said...

Whatever you do - just make sure that VIDEO TECH is at the top of the list.

Kidding (not really)

GiGi said...

It's a pretty tough sell, because if you look, I think you'll find that the goers a lot of the time usually don't participate in many areas of involvement. They probably weren't very involved in extracurricular things in school, they may hang back in community activities, they just aren't joiners. They are more fringe folks. So you have to change their entire mindset, or heartset and engage them with God and their commitment to HIm. Help them see that service through the things they are doing at the church is a form of loving God.