I'm Not as Good by Myself

I've found myself alone a lot lately at work. Not because no one else is doing their job but because they all seem to have a lot going on in terms of a sabbatical, recovery from surgery, speaking engagements etc. Our office manager has been around but we keep different hours and she can do a lot of her work from home. So generally, I'm the only one here the past couple of weeks. This can be good for a few days because I can get stuff done but after a while I've noticed something profound. I'm nowhere near as creative when its just me. I tried to write songs...nope. I tried to do some graphic work...nope. So I just built a roadcase out of an existing shelf I already have. Not creative at all, I just wrapped it in felt and screwed some wheels on. In fact, this is the first meaningful blog I've posted this week because I was at home talking to my wife about this very subject.

I am a social person. I always like to be in the middle of everything and I love being around other people. I have found that my creativity hinges on this as well. Not that I need other people for ideas...in fact I notoriously scrap other ideas and do what I always wanted to...but I need other people as sounding boards. I need people I can share my vision with and get feedback from. I would love one day to have a large group of creative people I could meet with regularly to just throw out ideas. To brainstorm. Where nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

I need people to be around me in order to create things, ideas, concepts, whatever. I can get things done that need to be done, but for me that seems like a lost week. If I'm not creative I don' feel like I am doing what I am called to do. Maybe that's why God created Adam and Eve. Not that he needed anyone else but that he wanted them to see what he had done and enjoy it with him. He wanted to test out new inventions on them. Imagine this: God walks up to Adam in the cool of the day "hey Adam, try this out, I call it the mango." How great that must have been for God to see Adam's face light up as he took that first bite. We're the same way, we are made to live in community, to share experiences, and enjoy life together. Anyone want to enjoy life with me Tuesday-Friday from 9-5? I'll be here.