Funny Thing About The Internet

So, I've been complaining about the Internet at my office for a good month now. Well today they decided to finally get it checked out. Guess what? We were running a slow dial-up speed. Hey, didn't I...never mind. Anyway, they won't be able to fix it for a couple of days so the kitchen table is where I'll be. Its not so bad while the kids are asleep, a little bit harder when they're awake. I'm still not sure Beth knows exactly what I do. She keeps accusing me of playing. She doesn't realize that my job is basically revolving around my computer(s) and the Internet these days. That's why its been so hard to work well with dial-up speed. It was so 1995 (he says with a "valley girl" accent).

By the way, anyone know why spell check makes me capitalize Internet?



GiGi said...

So Jared was right!

Brigette said...

Stop your whinning already I have been working on this for two weeks. I just happened to get someone who could help today and a line technician at the same time. I will have you up and running in no time.

Big Happy said...

i think its because internet is sortof a proper name i guess kinda maybe