My First Official Book Review

For some reason, I was was chosen to review a new book on my blog. This is really exciting for me and what makes it more exciting is that it is a book by a pastor that I really respect, Mark Batterson (National Community Church in Washington DC). The book is called Wild Goose Chase and is about setting life goals that God has chosen you for.

So far I am really enjoying the book and my review will come out before the release date of August 19th. Another thing that is really exciting about this review is that the publishers also sent me a book to give away on my blog. So, when the review comes out, I will be giving the book to the 5th person to comment on the blog.

So, be looking out for my review and you can check out book bytes on Mark Batterson's blog. Check the blog everyday. I am a fast reader.



GiGi said...

What fun! I check about everyday anyway. I've been meaning to comment about something from a few blogs ago. Was that guy for real? Still enjoying the olympics (new topic)? Beth must be going crazy between that and the loan deal.