What Shouldn't be in the Olympics

Well, I've mentioned this to a few people and today someone asked me if I was going to blog about it, an the answer is yes. I have really, really enjoyed the Olympics this year. I thought that once the swimming was over, I would lose some interest and then I watched Usain Bolt (he makes the all-time name list) celebrate for the last 20 meters of the 100 meter dash and still shatter the world record and now I'm pulled into track and field.

However, there are some things I am not super excited about. There are some sports that just should not be in the Olympics. My basic idea is that if the Olympics is not the biggest achievement in your sport, it should not be in the Olympics. I applaud the IOC for removing baseball (I question removing softball), I wish we could lose such sports as basketball where the NBA championship is the pinnacle of the sport...for now, and tennis in the Olympics will never reach the level of any of the majors and besides, does anyone watch Olympic tennis? Finally soccer, they already have the world cup, Euro, the Champions League, not to mention all of the European and African League championships. Did I forget MLS championship? No, I didn't forget.

The Olympics was made for the sports that people don't gather around on a weekly basis to watch but they'll gather around every four years. I enjoyed watching the badminton finals and mens' team sabre more than I enjoyed watching the Redeem Team thrash Spain, as much as I can't stand Spain.

Let's get the major sports outta there. Its a waste of time and money and if we don't have those in the Olympics maybe we can figure out a way to get Equestrian closer to the host city than 1231 miles away...that's right 1231 miles, or quite the horse ride.



GiGi said...

I didn't know you didn't like Spain. OK. That's France, Canada and Spain. You still don't like France and Canada, right?

TJ said...

Actually I don't mind Canada anymore because all of the new show on HGTV are in Canada and its kinda cute how they say "Mum" and "aboat."

I started liking France again when it became the "in" thing to hate France.

Not liking Spain mostly has to do with the fact that Dave Fasold is such a huge Spain fan and he's not super humble about their acheivements.