I Spoke Too Soon

Well, it took all of one day but I admit that I now have Olympic fever. All it took was watching the opening ceremony to get me into these games. I don't care if the fireworks were fake, it was awesome. Somehow that excitement turned into excitement about the actual games. I was watching badminton the other day...badminton.

The only problem is that here on the West Coast we not only get the tape delay from China, we get an extra 3 hour delay here. So, I see peoples response to what is happening from the East Coast before I can see it on TV. I pretty much have to go into blackout mode if there is something I really want to experience.

I'm kind of glad that China is doing such a good job as a host country because it will bring them more into the spotlight and make it harder for them to make serious human rights violations, religious persecutions, and dubious diplomatic decisions with questionable national leaders. There will no longer be that shroud to hide behind.

So, go USA. I'll be watching, Beth.