The Olympics...Hooray

I remember when I was a kid, watching the Summer Olympics and just being in awe. I remember watching Carl Lewis in '88 and '92 (I was too young to remember '84). The Olympics always held a magical quality and I couldn't wait to watch them.

Its not the same anymore. I don't know if its the professionalization (I may have made that word up), the commercialization, or the time difference, but its not the same. One possibility is that the events in China start at 12 AM and end roughly at 8 AM. I watch all of my TV shows on my DVR so I'm used to tape delay, but I also watch SportsCenter, listen to sports radio, and check religiously so I can't avoid the results before I watch them. What happened to that magic. It feels like any other Friday but tonight (actually about 12 hours ago) are the opening ceremonies. Whaaa?

Are you looking forward to the Olympics?



Beth G. said...

No I am not... because it means you will be sitting in front of the TV more than normal (if this is possible) and you will make me watch stupid stuff like basketball and you won't let me watch the really cool stuff like gynmastics, synchronized swimming, and diving!... I Love you!

Jared McCrory said...

Nah. I pretty much just like the luge- I'm probably the biggest luge fan you know- and they don't do that in the summer games so I'm on the edge of my seat until the 2010 winter games.

Seriously though, the track events always got my attention, but has anyone won a track meet in the last 5 years that didn't eventually lose their crown for doping! I know it's not everyone, but it sure seems that way. Also, the USA vs. USSR seemed to underscore the entire games in the 80s, and obviously there is no USSR anymore, so that's not there either...