Daddy and Donuts Day

Well today I got to go with Karoline to school for Daddy and Donuts Day. It was fun to hang out just us two, to meet her teachers, and to put faces with all of the friends she's been talking about. We had donuts, drank orange juice, played with blocks and talked to other dads who were there with their children.
It is a general rule that I am always the different guy in a setting like this. Generally when I get together in these types of groups I stick out. In South Carolina I expected to stick out even more. But something happened at Daddy and Donuts. There was another guy with earrings and spiky hair. But that's not it. I was trying to look semi-respectable so I wore an argyle sweater with my jeans and Chuck Taylors. The funny thing is that the other guy with earrings and spiky hair wore and argyle sweater too. He said he almost wore Chucks but decided to "try and look more respectable."
What are the chances? We stood out together with the other dads wearing suits, except for one guy who must be from Canada because he had shorts on in the 40 degree weather. Well, just thought I'd share. I'm finding that I fit in in Myrtle Beach as well or better than I did in California. It is definitely and isolated part of South Carolina. I love it.



Shannon said...

You are continually making me laugh when I visit your blog! Thanks for a chuckle while I work!

Loretta said...

As long as you don't start living on locust & honey . . . .