Trading Places, Mr. Mom, Pick Your 80's Reference

Since Beth is off to Realtor school, that has left me to be the star-at-home dad. This is a unique opportunity for me to step into her shoes and experience what she does on a daily basis (I will still be performing my other duties as Worship and Communications Pastor at Wellspring, I'll just do it at nap-time). Here's what I'm wondering though. Do I do a really good job, or just a good enough job.

Here's why I ask. When I was a kid my sister and I would rotate the chores. So one night, I would "wipe the surfaces" (that means the countertops) and the next night, she would. However, I would always do my best, no matter what, I can't help it its hard for me to mail something in, I'm a perfectionist. My sister on the other hand had no problem mailing it in. In fact, when she saw an opportunity to mail it in she took it. This was her sinister thought process. If she did a bad job but I did my normal good job, our parents would stop asking her to do things and start asking me. worked. "Wiping the surfaces" became my job along with many other things that I apparently had a talent for. My sister played me like Pac Man in a Pizza Hut.

So, you see my dilemma. If I do a really good job taking care of the kids this week, Beth may start to get ideas (especially if she talks to my sister). She might get too comfortable leaving the kids with me and decide to start going out with her friends more often. This would really put a cramp in my already busy social calendar (maybe its not so busy). I'm not sure I'm ready to take on this new responsibility of being a stay-at-home dad. Although, since I just blogged about it, my thought process is totally transparent. Darn this need to connect with others through social media.



GiGi said...

She really did have a talent for psychology at an early age, didn't she?

Beth G. said...

He did great people!!!!!

Sarah McCrory said...

Well, I saw on the other blog the other day that you had printed out some sort of craft for you and Karoline to do together, so I suppose you have decided to give it your all! Good for you. Not a very flattering picture of me, but I suppose some things just aren't flattering. Hey remember how I used to tell you the mail had come (like 4 times a day) and then lock you out of the house! Yeah, you weren't too tough to play back in those days, maybe all of my antics made you wise to the world and you no longer have that "innocence" of childhood, all because of me. My bad!