What if Every Christian Leader Did This

Today, Pastor Steven Furtick posted a video on his blog. But as you are watching this, my question to you is, what if every Christian leader did this? What if we gave everyone who worked for us 15 minutes a day to spend with God? Not just at churches but if you are the boss, what if you gave people 15 minutes a day to do a quiet time. Now, of course, everyone wouldn't participate because everyone at your office is not a believer, and for them, FREE TIME! They can track their fantasy teams or update their Facebook Status. But if you are a Christian and you're the boss (DAD!) I challenge you to do this. What will this tell people about what you believe and about how you care for their spiritual well-being. Let me know if you plan to do this or why you don't plan to do this. I hope we will do it at Wellspring, when we actually start working in an office, and working full time.