What I Don't Like About Apple

Its not often that you will hear a criticism from me about Apple. Today you will. Normally I will buy anything that has the Apple symbol on it. Seriously, slap the Apple on an old toilet and I will buy it or really, really want it. However, today I had another run in with the thing I dislike most about Apple.

When attempting to hook my brand new MacBook Pro into my TV I noticed that Apple has changed the type of connection that sends video out. OK, so new technology comes along every once in a while and Apple wants to stay on the cutting edge. The problem is, I have had 4 Macs (in 4 years) and all four of them have had different video outs.

You see, the problem with the guys and girls over at Apple is that they are deviously clever. In an attempt to maximize profits, they always throw in little variations to cause you to spend a little bit more money. My cables are a prime example. I've probably spent an extra $100 or so dollars on adapters in the last 4 years.

They do this with more costly things as well. For example, two months after I bought my MacBook, they released iLife '09. The brand new MacBooks were fitted with iLife '08 even though they were not available until November of '08. A couple of months after I got my first iPod, they released the iPod Video, then the 80G iPod Video. AHHH. Needless to say I got the 80G iPod video...then came the iPhone.

To be honest, this is just good business. If a company just gave you all of its good stuff at once you would have no need to go back to the website or store to see the new "cool thing." However, it is frustrating for the consumer, especially the ones named TJ.

All this being said, my Mac is still lighter, faster, more stable, and more versatile than you PC.



Spike said...

Ummm, lets try some benchmarking b4 you go shooting your cracker mouth off about it being faster my friend ;-) Last tests I saw for the same money an IBM PC will often outperform an Apple PC.