Don't Hold Back

Everyone has a few really good ideas floating around in their brains. Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a garbage man, you probably have ideas that could change the way you do things at your job, revolutionize your industry, or just make things run more smoothly. They question is what do you do with those ideas? Do you save them for just the right moment to really make yourself look good or do you use them immediately?

The reason I am writing about this is that today Trey and I were talking about this issue and I think we came to a good realization that will guide Wellspring and anything else we are ever involved in. We will NEVER save good ideas for later. The idea that "I might waste my good idea" should not enter into the thinking. I believe that any good ideas I have now will pale in comparison to the next good idea I have subsequent good ideas. God is always inspiring us in new ways with new things and the fact is that if I hold on to a good idea, it probably won't be that good in when I finally use it.

Do you ever run into this kind of dilemma at your job? What do you do? I challenge you to use every good idea immediately. If you don't you aren't following God's command to do whatever it is you do "whether in word or in deed, with your whole heart as if unto the Lord." Think about it. And DON'T HOLD BACK!