Faith of Fear

Beth and I have been having to do a lot of praying and petitioning of God lately for some pretty serious decisions. It really kind of got me thinking about how I pray for stuff and what my motivation is. Do we pray out of Faith or out of Fear?

I think generally I pray out of fear. I am so afraid of making the wrong decision that I literally want God to write the answer on the wall. But I'm not sure that is what God wants. Often we want Him to make the decision for us and then right it in stone but He wants us to have such a relationship with Him that we can hear His voice and do His Will without fear of being outside of it. I believe this is why we are told to fast and pray. In order to pray with faith we have to be in a place that we are so focused on God that there is no way we will fear not doing what God wants.

So, pray with faith. If you don't have faith that God is guiding your steps, maybe its time to go deeper. If you always stay at the same depth, eventually you will get used to where you are and won't be able to sense His guidance. But if you are going deeper, you will be able to maintain that personal connection with Him and more easily follow His Will. And who knows, maybe He'll start writing things on the wall for you.



GiGi said...

That's why I have so much "faith" in your decision making.