Pink Dinnerware

I sound like an old man, but I'm not sure what's wrong with kids these days. Saturday night around 9:30, Beth and I were enjoying our little southern escape into NASCAR and just hanging out. I heard some odd noises outside, since it had been hot that day, we had the windows and doors open and were enjoying the cool night. I got up and looked outside and I saw something moving in the front yard. I looked out of the door and sure enough, kids from our youth group were there in our front yard. I watched for a few minutes as they stuck pink forks, knives, and spoons into my front yard. I just watched and observed and reflected upon some of the things I did with my friends when I was young. As I thought, I realized, we never put forks, knives, or spoons anywhere. I felt bad for them that they got that bored. What ever happened to going to the skating rink, bowling, or the movies. I'm afraid those things just aren't cool anymore. Rather, what's cool is putting dinnerware in yards...I guess. Well I better go pick some up. I have to stay cool.