Perhaps I Should Clear Things Up

If you are confused by this post, please read the previous post and the comments on the previous post so that you may more fully enjoy this post.

Due to the unprecedented response to my last post (by people who will be seeing me at the beach without a shirt on in the near future), I think I should clear a few things up.

-No one has ever made a good video about swimming.

-Christians always sleep with a shirt on (I believe that's somewhere in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy perhaps). Plus who's going to make a Christian video where they get out of bed in their underwear and no shirt. Come on!

-When you water-ski, you have to wear a life jacket ("so we can be safe!" Dora) Thus, you are technically shirtless but we're going with the spirit not the letter of the theory (remember I'm a California liberal).

-When I said I'm only a few pushups and situps away from being ripped, I meant a few thousand plus some type of cardiovascular exercise and probably a miracle pill or two.

-Yes Jared, don't worry about muscles, we wouldn't see them anyway.



Sarah McCrory said...

I must say I am shocked at your closed-mindedness (I thought you were a liberal...hmmm...insight), and lack of creativity to think that you couldn't make a swimming video interesting (have you ever heard of a little show called Baywatch, apparently it was very entertaining, at least to Germans). I can't believe I have more confidence in you (or your creativity) than you do. That's a first.

GiGi said...

Who knew I had funny children? Oh yeah. I did.

Angela Crandell said...

Ok, I'm buying in, but you are a nut!!!!