True Worship

I'm pretty excited about next week. Dave will be talking about worship, what it really is, how we should respond in worship, etc. He may even let me talk a bit during the sermon which would be the first time since I last preached (two years ago). So, in preparation for that I thought I would share a little insight I got from a book I've been reading, Stricly Strategic Volunteers by Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens.

Unless you've taken a Biblical Greek class or just know you Greek really well, you may not know that one of the main Greek words used for worship is "latreia," which means "divine service." I guess that makes me the Divine Service Pastor. What this means is that worship is so much more than singing, listening to a sermon, or coming to church. It is our service to God. Everything we do is worship. I know you've probably heard this a million times but its so crucial to how we live our lives. As Christians we have succeeded in compartmentalizing our lives so that there is the "divine" and the "secular." However, this creates a situation that isn't reality. Everything you do is seen by God. Everything you do is either an affirmation or a refutation of the Holy Spirits presence in your life.

As Christ followers, we are called to be a light to the world; "shine your light to all men that they may see your good works and praise your Father in Heaven." So ask yourself, "how am I worshiping God" whether you are at church, at your kids baseball game, at work. After all as Jesus put it, "you are the salt of the earth but what good is salt that has lost its saltiness." Keep it salty.