Why It's Called "Even When No One is Listening"

I haven't written a a couple of days because I don't have much to say right now. But when the bloggers I read don't write anything I get disappointed so for the few people who read this I thought I'd write an explanation of the title of this blog.

I call it ,"Even When No One is Listening" for two reasons. Number one, not many people read this but I will blog even if no one is reading it just so I can write things to come to me whether stupid or insightful, I talk even when no one is listening (especially at my house). Number two, because that is the attitude I take toward what I do. I am a worship pastor and it is my job to lead people in worship. But if I only worship when others are paying attention, what's the point, its not in spirit and in truth. So, I will praise Jesus whether people are listening or not.

So there you have it. Happy Memorial Day.



Beth G. said...

Funny... I feel like I talk and no one is listening too!

GiGi said...

Back atcha.