Its Hot!

Well, its hot out here in the Bay Area again. Its Global Warming I'm sure, I shouldn't have bought the Expedition and F 150. Anyway, yesterday it was 93 and today its supposed to be up to about 100. I realize that everyone back in the South doesn't feel sorry for me at all but let me explain myself.

In the Bay Area, for some reason, people don't think they need air conditioning. I don't understand this. We have enough days above 72 (which I believe is "room temperature") to warrant air conditioning. Its insane to sit in your house and sweat or to put you kids to bed in what might as well be a sauna. And there's nothing you can do. You can only take so many layers of clothing off. Sorry for the rant.



GiGi said...

See that's what I've always thought. There are even parts in Florida where they don't have air conditioning! "Just use the cross breezes." I'm sorry, but that's just crazy! I mean call me pampered, but I'd have to live in an air conditioned hovel if it came to that. Gots to have my air. I honestly can't believe we didn't have an air conditioner until I was 16......

See where your tendency to rant comes from?