Sometime I really don't understand people. Why do they do what they do? What are they thinking? You know, that kind of stuff.

When I drove up to work today I saw a sight that is becoming a little two familiar. It was a pile of trash in the parking lot of the church! So here's how I think it went down. Somebody had just finished their spring cleaning (good job, show that initiative). They thought, "what should I do with this trash?" And then, all of the sudden, a light bulb goes off. "I know, I'll dump it at a church."

What? Who does that? Who thinks that little about churches, or anyplace for that matter, to dump their trash in its parking lot. The thing is that we have a perfectly good dump where you can just pull up and dump it out, much like you would have to do in a church parking lot.

I guess its just a product of living in a fallen world and sin which even extends to how to dispose of trash. Here's a bit of advice if you have trash you need to part with. You pay taxes for men to drive trucks around and take it for you, if you have two much, they offer two oversize load pickups FOR FREE!, and last but not least, a quick trip to the dump.



GiGi said...

Now I'm the one feeling guilty. For months I was checking the unposted blog faithfully and then I finally gave up. So what happens? You start posting again and I stopped checking! I'm sorry! So what? Now I'll start checking again every day and you'll stop posting and the beat goes on..........

Jared McCrory said...

FYI, Sarah and I recycle now (sometimes) and definitely don't litter. The whole deal you hear from many Christians (and dare I say from me at some point in the past) that "it's all going to burn anyway" doesn't really seem to me to jive with God's mandate for us to take care of his creation in the beginning of Genesis. We're not tree-huggers or anything, but it hacks me off as well to see the littering.