My Apologies for Your Time

Wow, today was a doozy! That's how I'm spelling that. We went twenty minutes long in both services today so I would like to go ahead and offer my apologies. The problem at Bay Hills is that when we go long, we kind of hurt ourselves for the next service because parking is so tight. Anyway, it was a great service and since my very sensitive drummer said today that I never give compliments I will lavish them now. We had three "regulars" out today and Beth didn't even notice they weren't there. This isn't a slight to them but a complement to our team that is consistently improving and getting more and more professional sounding every week. The goal is to be consistent, no matter who is on stage and that happened today. God really worked through all of the elements and songs this week and I know that people were challenged and hopefully changed.

We played one new song today: Mighty to Save (Hillsong United). Check it out if you don't already have it.



Jared McCrory said...

So, now that you have had your own CD out there and all that (and also are a pastor, trying to set a good example for others and that sort of thing), what is your policy on burning a sweet CD for me and bringing it to me at the beach?