Robots, Its Worse Than We Thought

I just left a comment on another person's blog (I do this alot because I like it when people leave comments for me...its my Love Language, HINT HINT). Anyway, now I can't stop giggling to myself. When I finished the comment it sent me to a page with one of those verification deals with the letters and the squigglies that you can barely read. So it said that it was there to "prevent robots from leaving comments."

Now, think of your grandmother. If someone would have said that when she was your age they would have been out in the streets with torches and pitchforks hunting down those nasty, medicine stealing robots (late nineties SNL reference).

Now I just have this picture in my head of Rosie from the Jetsons sitting at a computer leaving random comments on people's blogs with her evil robot laugh. Sorry, I just had to share that.



Sarah McCrory said...

Well I tried to figure out how to comment to make you think that I was a robot, but to be honest, it's late and I just don't have the energy to think in robot language. I am glad you are doing blogs now. I really like reading your insights! I miss my LuLu very much and just reading what you say makes me at least feel like we had an actual conversation.

Beth G. said...

I am leaving you a comment... Now does that mean I don't have to do anything else to make you feel loved??

GiGi said...

So if this is your love language, why don't you reciprocate by leaving messages on other people's blogs? I thought that's how we tended to respond to using our own love languages instead of trying to figure out theirs. Mine is "acts of service", just so's you's why I'm always unloading Beth's dishwasher (and NOT doing the laundry).